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We offer Complete POS, Desktop, Server, Network, and Internet Hardware Systems.  Our Integrated Approach to Sourcing, Installing, and Support can dramatically reduce yoour cost of ownership and simplify your operations.  Using CCS as a single Source let's you concentrate on your business.  We take care of the details.

Retail Devices

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CCS Retail Devices

Integrated Solutions

CCS specializes in completely integrated Retail Solutions.  Part of any Retail system are the special devices needed for counters, shelves, shipping and receiving, and back-office areas.  We offer sales, installation, support and service for these special Retail Devices.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 18 June 2013 13:36

Peripheral Products

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Peripheral Hardware

Why Order From CCS?

Contact CCS, with the link in the page header, and let us provide the peripheral products that are right for your business.  We take the responsibility for selection, ordering, delivery, installation and support.  We assume responsibility for any problems with product quality on initial installation.  Purchasing peripherals directly can lead to many of the problems outlines in the paragraphs below.  Let CCS help you avoid these time-wasters. 

Last Updated on Monday, 08 June 2009 03:54

Build Your Own Systems

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Configure Your Own Systems

Expedite Your Order

Now you can configure your own computer systems.  CCS Retail Systems, Inc. will check your configuration and arrange for quick delivery and installation.  You can pay for your Systems with major credit cards, company checks, or put it on your CCS account.

Last Updated on Sunday, 30 November 2014 12:01

Networking Products

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Networking Products


CCS Sales and Support

CCS provides sales, installation, support, and service for HP, Cisco, Adtran, Linksys, D-link, Netgear and several other hardware products.  We have sold, installed and supported Frame circuits, DSL circuits, LAN configurations and Wireless networks for many years.  We keep current on the rapidly-changing technologies of Networking systems.

Last Updated on Monday, 08 June 2009 03:54
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Customer Connect Marketing

Customer Connect Video and Details The Only Email Marketing Tool Built for Retailers

Customer Connect (CC) is Loaded With The Features And Functionality Needed For RetailersFully integrated with CounterPoint V7 and CounterPoint SQL, Customer Connect gives you the data needed to effectively connect with your customers, drive sales and increase customer loyalty.

New CustomerConnect Features!

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Recovery Act Tax Deductions

"American Recovery and Reinvestment Act has officially extended the Section 179 Tax Deduction increases for the 2011 Tax Year"

Section 179 can be extremely profitable to you, so it is to your benefit to learn as much as possible. To begin, you probably have a lot of questions regarding Section 179. Follow the links below to get the details on this opportunity:  more ...

 Radiant CounterPoint POS

Radiant Introduces NEW CounterPoint POS Releases

This New 8.3.9 Release of CounterPoint was developed to give retailers New Features and Functions that increase profitability, and ensure a rapid return on investment.

Contact your CCS Sales Consultant to discuss all the new features and functions included.  Ask how they will Keep the Checkouts moving, the Inventory Optimized, and the Back-office Managed. Here are just a few of CounterPoint 8.3.9’s enhancements:  

♦ Registry/Wish List ♦ Message Center
♦ Margin Driven Pricing ♦ Miscellaneous Kits
♦ Tag-Along Kits ♦ Scrap Items
♦ Inactive Items ♦ Discount Overrides
♦ Item Zoom ♦ Forecasted Advices
♦ Enhanced Advices ♦ Work Center
♦ PCI DSS Passwords ♦ Enhanced CC Security

CPSQL 8.4.0 is on its way. Check out What's Coming with the link below!

CPSQL 8.4.0  | CP V7.5.19  | Product News | POS Stations

Is Your System Healthy?

Great Deals!  New and Refurbished Systems.  Netbooks, Notebooks, Desktops, Servers, Storage Systems, Retail Devices.  Configure your own Systems for us to install.  more ...

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